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It has been over three months since Super Bowl LII, and Lane Johnson’s trash-talking of the New England Patriots is still going strong.

The Philadelphia Eagles right tackle took more shots during a recent appearance on Steve Austin’s podcast and revealed where some of the ill will stems from.


Eagles’ Johnson blasts Pats as ‘fear-based’ club
Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson doesn’t want to follow the Patriot Way, calling New England a “fear-based organization” and saying he’d rather have fun and win one Super Bowl than be miserable while winning five.

Johnson: Eagles want to beat ‘pretty boy’ Brady
Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson said the team’s mission in the Super Bowl is to beat “pretty boy” Tom Brady and “dethrone” the Patriots.
“Here’s what pissed me off,” Johnson said. “The Patriots, obviously, I respect their coach, I respect Bill [Belichick], I respect Tom Brady, but just because the way that they won the Super Bowls, the Patriot Way, is that how everybody else is supposed to do the same thing? No, it’s not. And that’s what I got mad at, the arrogance by them.

“There was obviously some stuff behind closed doors. Their owner talking s— to our owner. Bill talking s— to our head coach [Doug Pederson] before the game. I’m not going to say it, but a lot of s— kind (of) built up to that, and I just got tired of hearing about it, man, to be honest.”

Johnson has not been shy about sharing his feelings on the Patriots. Following the Eagles’ win over the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game, Johnson immediately turned his sights to New England, calling Brady a “pretty boy” and saying “there’s nothing I’d like to do more than dethrone that guy.”

After the Super Bowl, he described the Patriots as a “fear-based organization” with players who “act like f—ing robots.” He doubled down on that assessment when asked about the mystery surrounding Belichick’s decision not to play cornerback Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl.

“That’s the thing, you’re never going to know,” Johnson said. “Whatever they’re told to do in the media is what they’re told to do. Like I said, they’re robots.”

The Eagles defeated the Patriots 41-33 to claim their first Lombardi trophy.

“I saw a [Patriots] defense that wasn’t overly talented. It was all really about containing Tom Brady,” Johnson said on the Austin podcast. “We had a hard time doing that — he had 505 yards. But that was really it, man. Going into the game, I’m not going to be shell-shocked by it. That was kind of our thing going in. I think we had the upper hand on that.”